ANA Industries is a farm equipment & wear parts manufacturing unit established in the year 2015. The ethos of our company is attaining utmost quality management along with customer satisfaction. We aim of catering to a bigger market segment hence we are constantly evolving ourselves and our infrastructure through long-term investment plans.

We believe in developing professional relationships with each of our OEMs to guarantee maximum product quality and client satisfaction. As a supplier, we understand the importance of meeting deadlines and are able to prioritize the customers’ needs. Our passion and commitment to customer’ requirements has earned us a reputation of THE MOST PREFERRED SUPPLIER.


We have our range of wear parts under a brand called Firefox which is a registered trademark. A brand with superior cutting edge performance and a longer wear life – no matter what wear part type or size you’re looking for.

In today’s scenario when farmer has become more aware and is always looking up to optimize his output and increase farm equipment efficiency, we strive to give them harder-wearing products, which are flexible and robust enough not to bend or break when they are being put to use in tough soil conditions. The large geographical variety of INDIA’s soil types and terrain with often abrasive and rocky conditions caused us to track down the best quality ground engaging steel for our wear parts.

Firefox Wear parts are produced using High grade boron & Spring steel material obtained from qualified suppliers.

Our multi stage heat-treatment and tempering process have been designed to achieve maximum strength and flexibility with uniform and balanced hardness throughout the parts.

Our parts work harder and last longer, guaranteed!


Member of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers’ Association


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Pillers of ANA

Amit Chawla

Co-Founder & Head of Purchase & Finance

He is a strategic leader with an impressive 22 years long career in forging sector.

He is a resolved Business Head and a thoughtful person with detailed product knowledge and technical knowhow. Being able to identify commercial opportunities and implementing them with equal grit is his forte. He started his career as a young entrepreneur with a positive attitude in 1995. He is a problem solver and commands far reaching analytical skills.

His key areas of working are establishing sustainable quality manufacturing, implementing effective process framework, and working on the policies with regards to Low cost Sourcing & Uninterrupted production.

Nitin Luthra

Head of Sales & Marketing

He is the Spearhead of Marketing and Sales at ANA INDUSTRIES. In his role, he has been responsible for formulating the marketing strategy of the firm innovatively, which has successfully resulted in acquiring new clients & retaining the existing ones. With over 10 years of diverse strategic marketing experience, he is young and passionate about his work.

With a significant role to play, in increasing the brand visibility (Firefox Wear Parts) across the masses by planning and implementing strategies he aspires to broaden the horizon (of ANA INDUSTRIES) through various brand campaigns.

His key areas of work are Product Marketing, Brand Management, Business Development & Supply chain management.

Ankit Chawla

Co-founder & Head of Accounts

He is a seasoned professional with strong management skills and rich experience of over 15 years in forging sector. He has handled accounts, tax planning, and financial analysis of the company. Designing & implementing accounting system & procedures are his key areas of work.

He is a team player with stellar track record of superior performance in customer relationship & handling logistics.

He brings creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to all business endeavours.